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commande chèque cadeau

quad à millau en aveyron


Since 2002, thetheme parkofBouscaillousimplementsquadactivityin a highlyregulatoryand yetoffers verywiderecreational opportunitiesfor discoveryand funsafeenvironment

from13 yearsand 1.50 myouwill drivesteeringautonomyon ourlarge privatewooded area.

June-Decemberyearyou canbe a passengeronan ATVdrivenonlymom or dad(in this case it is theRCFinsurance(familyliability) that accidentwill cover thelossofdamage.

Eachadult participant's driver's machine.

 The machines weuse arequadsbrandKymco MXU 150 andMxersucha power of14 hp, 9kWand aweight of 100kg,perfectly suited toyoungandfemale audience


This is importantin the sense thatsomeowneroftentake the riskto providethemachine withtheweight and poweris absolutely notsuited to afemale audienceorjust starting out andnot in accordance withthe law (Article R. 311.1/L7e) of traffic.


Bewarewhenprofessionaloffersto hikeonquadswhosecylinder capacitygreater than 250cc, thepower outputwill inevitably behigher than thelegal limitallowedis15kw20 hpor acylinder capacityof250 ccfor a heavyquadricyclehandlebars


Hemust knowthatin a crashif the forcesof order andtheex-postinsurance expertdiscover thatthe machineis not in conformitywith the legislation inforce, thepolice forcewill conductverbalizationof the offender andtheassurancethatanyengagementwithdrawing itscoverage andsupportcosts and damages.


Moreover, the usebiinsteadof a quadby twoadults,is highlyrecommended forat leastthree reasons:


1)For reasons ofsafety and comfort, he must knowthat aquadis not intendedto accommodate apassengerif hehas a wideseatisto allow the pilotto betterorientedcentergravityby moving thebody massabovethe machine,otherwisethe passenger does notcompletelymastered themachine behaviorandriskinthe best caseto do sobyejectingit andinthe worst caseof thisstrongcrushed.


2)aboutthe center of gravity, the fact that a passengeronboardfundamentally alterthe inertialbehavior of aquad,sharethe weight, because of the changeof center of gravity, loss of steering controlincreased risk ofreversalthe machine andthe inappropriatenessofbrake systemsand damperdesigned fora single user(average weight100 kgboardand notthedouble),even ifthe machines areallegedlyapprovedbiinstead.


3)From a regulatorystandpoint, insurance in the case ofstandardprofessional contractliability(RCP), never takecharge of the passengersin case of accident, the only possibility fora traderto takea specialwarrantyis only offeredbyforeigncompaniesrightsand therefore extremelycomplexto implementdisaster.

Supervision is providedbydriving instructors, not a hiking guideholds asingleCQP (certificate of professional qualification) with the skills andknowledge ofcontrolare extremelylimited, our instructors holderBPJEPSare teacherspedagogues whoyoucommunicatewith asuitableeducationfor all audiences, the elements of masteryand steeringan ATVsafely.


To implementthis activity, we have a fleetof14quadsandbuggies5, an introductorycoursewhich wasspecifically designed toallowa progressive andrelevantlearning to fly, our certified "Codevert" hiking andlabeled "style Millau"are all perfectly safeandare subject toan agreementoftrafficcontrolcompliance by thepark andmonitorsthe environment andour commitmentsvis-à-vis third parties andhis successors, the convention indicator of routes, use, usermanagement,themaximum number of machines, ensuring peacein respect ofthird parties,thisagreementis renewed everyfive years.


Thehiking trailsontheredCaussearecomposed of 80% ofprivateroadsnotopento public trafficandpark propertyleisureBouscaillousor authorized,only 20% ofpavedpathwhose use isassuredintraffic controlby instructorswhoprovidecoaching.



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